Are Women Smarter Than Men When It Comes To Investing
Are Women Smarter Than Men When It Comes To Investing

Are Women Smarter Than Men When It Comes To Investing?

Are Women Smarter Than Men When It Comes To Investing ?

There are new studies out that are showing a growing trend in investing; women are doing better than men. Why is this? There are numerous reasons that this could be. Women seem to be making better decisions and receiving the rewards of this when it comes to investing their money.

There is a report from Prudential that says that women “do not fully understand many of the increasingly sophisticated financial products that are available.” This does not seem to be true now though. Over the past decade just about every financial company has released a report that makes women look like they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to investments. They make it seem as though women would prefer to have someone else deal with their finances.

There was a new report released from TD Ameritrade, surveyed four thousand men and women across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. What this survey shows is that ninety percent of women feel that they are confident when it comes to investing, and that they feel level-headed when it comes to managing their portfolio. This would be in contradiction to previous surveys and reports that have been previously released.

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Another thing that this report shows is that women prefer to be educated before investing and they are managing their portfolios online. This report shows a clear link between women who manage their portfolio online and those who are confident about their investments. Investing online seems to be empowering women investors everywhere.

Keep in mind that all surveys have limitations though. They do not canvas everyone and there may be data that is different than it otherwise would be had everyone been canvassed. The TD Ameritrade survey was done across three countries, only surveying four thousand men and women. There are many people that this survey did not cover.

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It does seem that this is becoming a more popular trend. There may be women out there who have never even thought about managing their portfolio and investing online. The more women hear about it and do research on it the more women seem to be doing it. Women everywhere are becoming more educated in the financial world and therefore are able to make better decisions and do things that will help them along.

Women may or may not be smarter than men when it comes to investing. More women are making smarter moves though and getting educated and get online. It seems that the more women get online to deal with investments the better they are doing with managing their portfolio and making these investments. So ladies get online, see what is there that will work for you and get going on your investing.