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How To Cosign A 1000 Dollar Loan With Bad Credit


When you have bad credit and need a 1000 loan, yet unable to get approval from banks for a personal loan, the primary reason for being rejected could be your credit report. When a bank receives your loan request, the first thing they do is to pull up your borrowing records. This report contains all payment history on your mortgage, credit cards, etc, and if you were delinquent on any account, it will reflect badly on you and more importantly, banks will take the view that your credibility is low, and thereby a risk to them if they were to give you a bank loan. In light of your poor FICO scores, you may want to know how to cosign a loan with bad credit instead.

What Is A Cosigner Loan

If you want a cosigner loan with bad credit, you need to find someone to act as your co-signer for the loan together. The act of co-signing refers to acting as a guarantor to take responsibility of a borrower’s debt. Apart from banks that give bad credit loans with a cosigner, many realtors or auto loan companies also require borrowers to enlist a cosigner. The reasoning is simple. With a cosigner, lending institutions are more willing to give unsecured 1000 personal loans to people with bad FICO as in the event that you fail to repay the debt, they are able to recover the losses from your co-signer.

Therefore, if you want to borrow $1000 dollars with bad credit, you can benefit from enlisting a friend or a family member to act as your cosigner. However, to qualify as a cosigner, this person will need to be someone in good standings with the bank or have excellent borrowing history with high income earnings.

With the right co-signer, it can also help you to get an immediate loan with low interest. As we understand, getting a guaranteed affordable long term loan when you have bad credit invariably means paying for more interest. But if you are able to enlist someone with a good credit history, securing a low rate installment loan is possible.

What Are The Risks Involved With Cosigning A Loan With Someone Who Has Bad Credit

Of course, the drawbacks with using a cosigner to get a 1000 dollar loan for 90 days is such that your relationship with the person may strained if you allow the cosigner loan to turn “bad”. Besides, a reminder to those who are asked to be a cosigner. If the co-maker, or the person you are acting for as a guarantor defaults, you are fully liable for the payment of the unpaid balance and if not careful, acting as a cosigner could jeopardize your credit or in the worst case scenario, it could even bankrupt you if the size of the loan is large.

Getting A Loan With A Cosigner

Therefore, whether you are going to be cosigner or getting some one to help you with a 1000 dollar loan for bad credit, taking out a signature loan with a cosigner is a heavy responsibility and you should only enter into such an agreement after some serious consideration. There is usually no need for a co-signer if you are looking for a small 1000 dollar loan today.