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How To Get A 800 Loan Without A Full Time Job


Life can be a hardship when you are unemployed and have little savings to fall back on. Without any source of income, you may not have sufficient savings to cope with an emergency, such as an auto repair or paying for a flight to attend a funeral. In this article, we explore the different ways in which you would be able to get a 800 dollar loan without a job now.

As expected, getting a loan when you are unemployed is difficult as the majority of lenders want to see verifiable income before approving a loan. For banks and high street financial institutions, there is little chance of getting a long term unsecured personal loans with bad credit, let alone against unemployment. These mainstream lenders have stringent lending guidelines which make it extremely hard for anyone to get a loan with no job. However, exceptions are made if you are able to provide collateral as bargaining tools for better rates.

With collateral to secure repayments of a personal loan, it reduces the risk exposure of a bank in providing long term loans for people with no job. Such secured lending will likely be used if you are a homeowner to get a large personal loan for 5 years or more. You can also use your car as collateral to get a title loan and evaluators will assess the fair market value of your assets against your loan before making a decision on it.

Need A Loan Today, But Unemployed And Have Bad Credit

But what if you are someone who is unemployed with bad credit, have no assets and need to borrow money today? While a title loan is definitely out of the question here, you would still be able to get a loan with no job through a pawn shop. There is a social stigma with going to a pawn shop and bringing a box of jewelry to exchange for cash, but there’s no doubting that it represents one of the surest way for anyone who is without a job to get cash quickly.

Installment Loans For The Unemployed

While it is tough to borrow 3000 installment loans under such conditions, the advent of the Internet has allowed for much things to be done online and these days, pawn shops have gone high tech as well. There are a few reputable online pawn loan lenders, such as Pawngo or Bommerang Lending, which allow you to get a loan without even leaving your home. If you have any luxury items or electronic goods of value, you can have it appraised over the phone by their appraisers or in the case with Pawngo, they can arrange for free shipping to deliver your items over for their expert appraisers to give you a quote.

It should be pointed out that such an arrangement is not a trade and you are not selling anything. The lender merely takes hold of your items as collateral and you are able to get back everything upon full payment of the loan when the contract is due.

Can You Borrow 800 Loans With No Job?

Typically, short term installments loans between 3 to 6 months can be arranged and extensions can be made if you need a loan for more than 180 days. As a payday loan alternative, these secured installment loans no matter your personal credit usually have much lower APR and the repayment period is much longer than most short deadline payday loans for 30 days. For those who need an unemployment loan with low interest, I always suggest people to get a pawn loan online, as the finance charges are not as exorbitant, and there is little risk of getting yourself into debt since come end of day, if you are not able to make the repayments, you only lose what you had initially pledged as collateral.

All the aforementioned options are some of my own personal experiences in trying to find out how to borrow $800 quickly. Depending on your own situation, you should always exercise caution when you need to borrow money but have no income. I’m saying this because the threat of debt collectors knocking on your doors is real and you are only digging yourself into more trouble if you attempt to rely on unemployed loans to make ends meet.