Is the Glass Ceiling Sending Women to Payday Lenders
Is the Glass Ceiling Sending Women to Payday Lenders

Is the Glass Ceiling Sending Women to Payday Lenders?

Almost everyone knows what the glass ceiling is and almost everyone knows what a payday loan is. What do these two things have in common? Women; studies show that women use payday lenders more than men, and there is a new theory out as to what is really behind this new trend. This theory suggests that women use payday lenders more than men because the glass ceiling is sending them to the lenders.

While there are many factors that could factor into the equation as a whole such as age, parental status, and of course income. Many think that wage discrimination is at work, keeping women’s wages down, causing them to need payday loans more than men. Some do argue though, that every generation is seeing women as a whole making wages closer and closer to men’s wages. So is this new theory sound, or do we need to start at square one again?

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Some say that the reason that they gap between men and women’s wages is that more and more women are leaving the home in order to pursue careers and advanced education. Even with all that at the Democratic National Convention this year Michelle Obama even alluded to the glass ceiling as a way to call attention to the wage gap that we still have.

While there still may be wage discrimination in the workforce, there is still one place women can go to be treated equal; a payday lender. Payday lenders do not care if you are a man or a woman; they are just trying to help the people in their communities to get the help that they need. They have four requirements that you have to meet in order and none of them have anything to do with sex. You must be at least eighteen, you must have a job, you must have a checking account, and you must be a resident of the United States.

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Equal wage rights have come a long way; they still have a long way to go though. The gap in wages between men and women has decreased and it seems that it may continue to decrease; no one really knows when the wages will be equal. It could take a year or two or it can take decades the point is no one knows for sure. People are going to continue to work for equal wages until they do not have a need to do so anymore.